The move begins…

  • 27 April 2010

Okay, right now I’m sitting in what will be my new residence in Land O’ Lakes, FL. Spent about 9 months living in Lithia and that was enough, at least where I was at. Actually in Keysville, I was about ten miles away from a decent grocery and more from high speed internet access – the real killer in my business. It wasn’t just the extra two hours average daily drive to get into Tampa Bay, and the gas and car wear spent doing that, but the only net access was via BlackBerry tethering, maxed at 115K data transfer, often significantly slower and unreliable as I was on the fringe of cell service.

So tonight begins a new era. It’ll take some time for the move because I’ll need to disassemble my computer network, multiple dives, etc. but in the long run it will save me at least ten hours a week of time I can use more productively.

Speaking of which, have been spending a lot of time in Caliente lately; my latest foray was to take photos of my friend Tom Baptist playing in their piano bar…and write a profile article which should be appearing in the NUSASUN magazine (see the latest two issues for my photos of Pam Oakes in there – So I’m drawing on my writing background now as well, might as well make use of the BA and MA I have in writing!

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